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brand new DFA music video

Amazing video from Tom Scholefield that designed that recent Hudson Mohawke EP.
The track is by a London producer called Capracara, and we think it is amazing!

Capracara – King of the Witches (DFA) from Konx-om-Pax on Vimeo.

Bleep Party Paris.

Following on from the immense success of the Bleep Show in Paris in February we will be bringing the Bleep Sound back to Batofar.

Bleep Party Paris

Bleep Party Paris

Bleep Beta – New Features

Track naming 

Track naming functionality has now been activated. You can now sign in to the site and go to the “My Account” section to change your track naming preferences. Select any three options from: Track Number, Track Name, Release Name, Artist Name and Label Name and your downloaded files will be named accordingly!


Physical and Digital Pages

You can now browse our picks from the latest downloads and CD’s and Vinyl that are in stock. Just click on the top tabs to view…



Have you noticed that in the preferences section of your account you can access two special RSS feeds? One of the latest Vinyl and CD’s and one of the latest downloads.


Welcome to the Bleep Blog. The first stop for information about the site and more.


Its high time we passed on our sincerest thanks to everyone who has been using the new Bleep site since we have put it up. Those who have been using regularly will no doubt have noticed the changes that have been going on as we tweak and improve what we have been doing.

There are still some tweaks to go so please don’t stop sending us your feedback.