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Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) – R.I.P.


From the Motown audition in 1968. Performing James Brown’s “I Got The Feelin” – aged 10.

Konono N°1…

… absolutely tore it down at Sonar festival. Check out more of their music HERE.

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Bleep Interview Robert Hood:

his influences and the nation he influenced…

This Friday, Bleep are throwing a party in London’s Cable club to launch the re-release of Robert Hood’s seminal Minimal Nation record .

With Robert Hood, Nathan Fake, Jackson and his Computer Band, Appleblim, Peverelist, Floating Points, Bullion all present, this is going to be one hell of a party! Tickets are available to buy HERE.

To find out more about Robert Hood on Bleep, including his Top 5 favourite records, click HERE.

We also have an exclusive Robert Hood mix recorded Live at FUSE. DOWNLOAD HERE

We decided to speak to the man to get a better idea of what helped create his sound that ended up influencing so many… you might be a little surprised at the results.

BLEEP: To what extent did growing up in Detroit influence your music?
RH: I’m a product of the civil rights movement, so I grew up on the politically charged sounds of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, the Motown sound. Certain DJ’s like The Electrifying Mojo, Martha Jean “The Queen” & the Big Soul Rocker (Claude Young’s father) shape my musical perception.


BLEEP: How did you become, alongside Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, part of Underground Resistance?
RH: I met Mike Banks through Mike ‘Agent X’ Clark. I played him a demo and he liked the drum programming particularly. Soon after I met Jeff Mills. I became part of UR as ‘The Vision’ in the form of MC / Artist.


BLEEP: After listening to ‘Nighttime World Vol. 1′ and ‘All Day Long’, one can here a ‘jazz’ element to these records. What kind of music influences the Robert Hood sound?
RH: Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, Jean Luc-Ponty, Hiroshima, Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest, Human League, Chic, Fishbone, Heaven 17, to name a few.


BLEEP: As a pioneer of ‘minimal’ techno, was your sound born from limited studio equipment or a reaction to the sound of the time?
RH: I never felt it was necessary to have a lot of equipment. I’ve always believed it’s not what you have but how you use it.


BLEEP: Which other producers, past and present, do you have admiration for?
RH: J-Dilla (Rest In Peace)


BLEEP: How do you feel about the genre of ‘minimal’ techno as it is now?
RH: A lot of so called minimalist artists are jumping on the minimal bandwagon for the sake of being minimal. What’s lacking a lot of the time is the feeling, or the emotion.We hear a lot of slick production but not a lot of passion.


Sonar competition winners

Sonar x Bleep competition

Last week, we were giving away 2 pairs of tickets to our customers. All we asked was our customers to give their “Best of Bleep” Top 5 charts. Thanks to everyone that entered, we had a great amount of lists come through.

Here are the 2 winners:

James Reed, Manchester:

Aphex Twin – Selected Ambient Works
I have chosen this album of Aphex Twin (out of many good ones) due to it’s esoteric qualities. Some pieces are blessed with a power enabling one to reside in total presence, if but for a short time. Levels can be discerned in all the arts. Music is no exception. Undoubtedly, the resonance of tracks such as lichen and rhubarb, provoke an uplift in the human frequencies. The mental state need be relaxed, relaxed even more by the mysterious sounds. Stone In Focus is a meditative tool. A fine and pensive album.

Amon Tobin – Foley Room
Foley Room is a pleasant work of abstract audible art. The tracks are consistent and diversified. The instruments are many. The variations so too are. The pace is altered within songs regularly, allowing for difference. The creativity behind the music is groundbreaking. Recording sounds in public places and incorporating them within tunes. Nice bit of improvisation from Tobin.

Four Tet – Rounds
This album is a gem from Four Tet. Made with conscious effort and pure genius. Never ceases to impress. Never ceases to produce well. Unspoken and She Moves She are ones to listen to.

Boxcutter – Glyphic
This is very impressive music. He seems to clash together all sorts of genres, experimentalizing on dubstep and electronica. Bloscid is extremely well done. The drop is a marvellous one. Lunal is a good tune, which progresses very well.

Burial – Burial
Burial is a very unusual, well-respected producer. He is unfazed by fame, preferring to stick to his game untainted. Neither is he big-headed;, this can be discerned via his music. His music is most certainly a reflection of his deeper qualities and character. The theme is an eerie one, yet pensive all the same. The irregular drumbeats are unique in style. The sombre atmosphere is a scarce tweak to the usual tone. The somewhat distorted, rustic sounds are fine indeed. In all, very mellow, in-betweener music; doesn’t get you over excited, neither does it do the opposite. It keeps you centred, simple and abiding. A rare piece.

Yarin Lidor, Israel

1. Happy Birthday! – Modeselektor
they chanced my life, this album inspired me to get back in the studio.

2. Polyfolk Dance – Hudson Mohawke
looking forward to his next releases, the guy is a genius!

3. Veckatimest – Grizzly Bear
the next big thing in love, addictive album indeed!

4. Drowning In A Sea Of Love – Nathan Fake
heart breaker sounds, emotional lava , it feels so fu*$ing good, I can cry and I can laugh at the same time.

5. Lamb’s Anger – Mr Oizo
There’s a lot of anger in this album, yet Mr Dupieux is one of my favorites producers, he taught me that even if you use Apple’s text to speech it can still sound dope more then you can imagine…

Bleep Showcase Vol 1 – 11 tracks for £1

Bleep Showcase Vol 1

Bleep Showcase Vol 1

We have just put up our first Bleep Showcase compilation… and it’s very good. 11 tracks for £1 and only available for 10 days. Check it out.

Fabric Ticket Give-Away + free track

Fabric e-flyer

Fabric e-flyer

Those good folks over at Fabric have kindly offered us 3 pairs of tickets to the Get Familiar night this friday. To win, simply e-mail tell us what is the name of Tim Exile’s latest album.

On top of that, we have a free track from SBTRKT. We are really looking forward to his upcoming releases – watch out for them on Bleep.

Sublime Frequencies Tour

Bleep was privileged enough to be in the crowd for the London leg of the breathtaking Sublime Frequencies European Tour last Friday. Featuring the outer-national talents of Morocco’s Group Doueh and Syria’s Omar Souleyman, the London leg was a mind frying, psych-funk-disco-dabke extravaganza. Check out this amazing imprint on Bleep HERE.

Group Doueh

Group Doueh


Omar Souleyman

Skweee !!

In case, you havent been paying much attention to the new Bleep Beta site, we have been very much liking all this Skweee music hailing from Scandinavia. There is a brand new compilation from Ramp Recordings showcasing the music. Other labels that you need to check out are Flogsta Danshall, Harmonia, Dodpop and Mazout

Madlib Mix on Radio Nova

Madlib DJ  Mix on Radio Nova

Madlib DJ Mix on Radio Nova

Madlib stopped by French station Radio Nova to drop a set full of dusty jazz and soul gems. Check out the mixhere.

Don’t also forget that Bleep is one of the few stores that still have any of these vinyl Quasimoto dolls.

Quasimoto Dolls

Quasimoto Dolls