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North / South / East / West
(Audio Previews)

Bleep investigates Remote Location


Remote Location was established in 2007 as a creative technology & communication studio by Adam Rodgers and Neil Morton. Both are from Glasgow, UK originally and worked together on a few projects, including stuff for Warp and Numbers, before starting Remote Location. They are now based in Spitalfield, in the east of London.

Focusing on fresh design, concept & production, they collaborate with their network of creative and technical specialists when approaching projects and realising ideas.

Recent stuff they’ve produced includes the Hudson Mo Butterstar Galactica game for Warp (collab with Thomas Traum and Mike Tucker), record art for Darkstar on Hyperdub and Neil Landstrumm on Planet Mu (Vice’s worst cover of the month), and an identity & website for blackmaps.

Forthcoming creations include a site and sleeves for their sister company Numbers, sleeve art for the new Fabric comp, new identity & online home for Rubadub, a site design for Samurai FM, working with Craig Armstrong, and of course further developments of

Art direction + design for the latest Neil Landstrumm LP on Planet μ Records. Head-dress & breakfast vibes. Photography by Sam Robinson

Butter Star Galactica. Produced in collaboration with Thomas Traum & Mike Tucker for the Hudson Mohawke LP ‘Butter’ on Warp Records.

Marks for Rubadub Records & blackmaps

New website for Warp’s Music, Films and Records companies. Created in collaboration with Universal Everything.


Screen-printed & Lazer-etched graphics for various Rustie EPs on Stuffrecords & Wireblock. Bad Science EP designed in collaboration w/ Konx-Om-Pax.

Numbers. Identity for Glasgow based events company / record label.

Graphics for Darkstar’s EP on Hyperdub – inspired by the Monolith from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Destroy! Arcade style game to promote Flying Lotus and his LP ‘Los Angeles’.

Some sketches

This is the sound of the future…

Win tickets to see Little Dragon in London…


Having produced one of the best electornic pop albums this year in the shape of the superb “Machine Dreams“, high hope are expected for the forthcoming London date of Little Dragon on December 7th at the Rhythm Factory. With Kotchy, Samplha and Laura J Martin in support, this looks to be killer gig. We have managed to blag a pair of tickets, simply e-mail and tell us what you would name your pet if it was a little dragon…

North / South / East / West…


Pictured: North (Hudson Mohawke) / South (Skream) / East (Mike Slott) / West (Flying Lotus)

North / South / East / West is a collaborative art and music project between photographer Shaun Bloodworth, designer Stuart Hammersley (Give Up Art) and; focusing on the music of four different regions of the world — North and South UK and East and West coast USA. The project aims to showcase our pick of a handful of labels, artists and club nights from each.

The final product is a limited edition, deluxe package. With only 500 editions printed and compromising 14 high quality photo-prints and a 12 track CD (9 of which have never before been heard) – all of which will be beautifully enclosed in a special, custom made package.

Plus a further edition, limited to only 100 copies, comprising again of 14 exclusive photo-prints, 12 track CD in custom-made packaging. With the addition of an A2 poster, designed by Give Up Art and featuring previously unseen potraits and extra shots from the project. All of these items will be sold exclusively on

Partcipating artists on the compilation:
North: Hudson Mohawke / Rustie / Taz Buckfaster
South: Skream / Headhunter / Geeneus
East: Mike Slott / FaltyDL / Kotchy
West: Flying Lotus / Matthew David / Daedelus

The first tracks will be played tonight on BBC Radio 1 on the Mary Anne Hobb’s Experimental Show.

TOMORROW, we will be making an announcement of the full tracklisting and streaming more of the music. This item will be released on the 1st December… you can pre-order it HERE.

Free Numbers podcast…


To coincide with their London launch party tomorrow, those good folks up at Numbers have given us a free podcast showcasing their new label (simply called “Numbers” and now combining Wireblock, Dress 2 Sweat and Stuff records into one streamlined unit). Here is the tracklisting:

Mixed by Spencer
(as featured on the Mary Anne Hobbs Show on 5th November):

Hudson Mohawke – ‘Still On It instrumental’ (Wireblock x LuckyMe)
Lando Kal – ‘Fuzzy Ankles’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Slugabed – ‘The System’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Redinho – ‘Mo Brap’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Ghosts On Tape – ‘Mogadishu Night Life’ (Wireblock)
Rustie – ‘Clipper’ (Stuff Records)
Low Limit – ‘Where U Been 7.0′ – drops (forthcoming Numbers)
Redinho – ‘Lightning Strikes’ (forthcoming Numbers)
L-vis 1990 – ‘Run’ (Dress 2 Sweat)
Ghosts On Tape – ‘Predator Mode’ – Roska Remix (Wireblock)
Mr Majika – ‘Different Lekstrix’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Deadboy – ‘IfUWantMe’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Rustie – ‘Throw Some D’s / Click Clack’ (Dress 2 Sweat)
Emvee – ‘Glitch Dub’ (Wireblock)
Touchy Subject – ‘Wicked Act’ (forthcoming Numbers)
SRC – ‘Gold Coinz’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Kavsrave – ‘MD’ (forthcoming Numbers)
Rustie – ‘Bad Science’ (Wireblock)
Taz Buckfaster – ‘Gold Tooth Grin’ (forthcoming Numbers)


Bleep Interviews Mike Simonetti


Tell us a little about why you started Italians Do It Better, an offshoot of your noise/rock label, Troubleman Unlimited?

It was started because we felt glass candy wasnt getting enough props because TMU was being pigeonholed as a rock label. it worked!

From your roots in hardcore and punk, can you tell us when your interest in disco started and why?

It started back in the late 80s when i was working at nightclubs in NYC. searching out hip hop and funk samples before the internet wasnt easy. i found a lot of samples were from disco, and i noticed how much house was borrowing from disco… this was 1988 or so.

Can you give us five of your favourite hardcore tracks?

-DRI Dealing With It lp
-KRAKDOWN 1988 demo
-GORILLA BISCUITS start today lp

We’ve read that you were fortunate enough to have experienced such legendary clubs as CBGBs and The Loft. Can you share some of your favourite experiences in those exciting clubs of NYC?

i used to go to CBGB every sunday afternoon for the hardcore matinees from 1987-1990. then i went to ABCNORIO shows because CBGB started getting a little too violent. that was some of the best times in my opinion. it was so great. i went out at night to MARS (where i worked as a promoter). my job entailed handing out fliers at other clubs. i was only 17 so i couldnt get real jobs at the clubs.. but i went to all the clubs from the heyday of the NY club scene… it was such a good time. the late 80s was the end of the grit in NYc

Bleep Interviews Bottin


Can you tell us a little about how you ended up recording for Italians Do It Better?

It was one of the simplest and most straight-forward thing ever. I sent No Static to them via myspace and they immediately said they wanted to release it.

Most of your records have a distinct ‘horror’ theme. Can you tell us a little about this obsession? Does film influence you as much as music?

I can only tell you my personal experience, which could maybe be share manyd by other Italian producers born in the mid/late 1970s. All through the 80’s and 90’s small private tv channels in Italy were showing B movies at night, very many sci-fi and horror flicks. I guess those local stations didn’t have the money to purchase big films. All the Italian and American horror masters of the 70s and 80s got massive airtime in those years! So I think that music music got under my skin somehow.

While working on the Horror Disco album I researched many Italian movies, giallos, slasher movies, cheap sci-fi flicks that I thought I would need to watch. Often I released that I had seen them already on tv when I was a kid!

We’re sure compatriots such Fabio Frizzi, Claudio Simonetti and Goblin are influences, but are there any others that have helped inspire the Bottin sound?

Amongst Italians, Celso Valli e Mauro Malavasi’s productions are a big influence. But my favorite band is actually the all-american Steely Dan.

Can you tell us what your five favourite giallo/horror films are?

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse by Fritz Lang
Non Si Sevizia Un Paperino (Don’t Torture a Duckling) by Lucio Fulci
Prince Of Darkness by John Carpenter
Buio Omega (Beyond The Darkness) by Joe D’Amato
Operazione Paura (Kill baby kill) by Mario Bava

Win tickets to see Tortoise and Cluster at the South Bank Centre


A special one-off show featuring sets from Tortoise and Cluster, as well as a special collaboration between the two bands.

Chicago’s jazz post-rockers Tortoise play material from their acclaimed new album Beacons of Ancestorship, their first in 5 years, while seminal electronic pioneers Cluster – a key influence for musicians such as David Bowie and Brian Eno – return to London following the release of Qua, their first studio album in over a decade. The bands also join forces for a unique performance together. This will be the closing set of the London Jazz Festival on Sunday 22nd November.

For more information, click HERE.

To win a pair tickets, simply e-mail and state who won – the tortoise or the hare?

Win a pair of tickets to Plateaux Festival…


Plateaux is an audio-visual electronic festival is Poland on the 19th to 22nd November. An amazingly curated electronic festival with acts including Fennesz, Lusine, Byetone, SND, The Sight Below amongst many more…

For more information about the festival, go check out

We have a pair of tickets to win, simply e-mail and say why you think you should win…. simple!

(Please note, this competition is only for the festival ticket and does not cover transport or accomadation costs).