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Flying Lotus – Heave(n)

“I forgot to give you this… “, Flying Lotus

Win tickets to Sonar Festival 2010


This year, we are partnering with Sonar Festival. Firstly we have created a special download compilation for Sonar Festival showcasing some of the incredibly talented British artists performing at the festival this year. We will be giving away 2 free tracks a week to download right up until the week of the festival… But they will only be available for one week at a time.

We have rare and exclusive material from Hudson Mohawke, Broadcast, Roska, Fuck Buttons, Sandwell District, King Midas Sound, The Blessings and 2020 Soundsystem. Go get this week’s downloads here before it is too late.

If that wasnt enough, we are also going to be given away a pair of tickets to this year’s festival. To win, simply join our Facebook page and post on our wall your ideal Top 5 artists playing at Sonar Festival 2011.

The most interesting post will win a pair of tickets to the event. The competition closes on Tuesday 1st June.

We have a job vacancy at Bleep – Content Assistant


Content Assistant
Hours: Part Time (2-3 days a week)
Salary: Depending Upon Experience
Based : Kentish Town – North London
Start Date: ASAP
Application: Send a CV and covering letter to

Bleep is a specialist online music retailer looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated and hard working individual to join the team.

The role:
The role of content assistant has two main functions:
1. Management of Bleep’s musical catalogue and addition of content from physical suppliers to the store. New releases arrive to the store weekly. The content assistant will be responsible for addition of content and inputting all relevant release information onto the store. Addition of content should be prioritized according to the needs to the physical buyers and digital content managers. Candidates must be able to manage a heavy workload and be highly organized.
2. Assisting with the implementation of features and editorial. The content assistant should use their knowledge of the new releases on the store to assist with the creation of features. Written skills and knowledge of music will be important in this aspect of the role.

A successful candidate must be passionate and knowledgeable about a wide range of music. They must have a desire to be involved in online music and see this role as a key part of developing their career in the industry.
Accuracy and attention to detail are essential, as is being able to pick up new skills easily and quickly. Candidates must be skilled with computers. Good writing ability is important and experience in writing about music would be advantageous. Other desirable skills include knowledge of HTML and XML and being able to manipulate spreadsheets of data.


Bleep Interviews Jonathon Cooke


Jonathon Cooke, of Village Green (and formerly of Love) is the man whose artwork who has been blu-tacked up on far too many walls to count. He is the man behind the iconic artwork for the Fabric nightclub. As Bleep are now selling the exclusive and limited Fabric t-shirt range, we decided to speak to the man himself…

How did you start working with Fabric?

JC: I have been working with them since 2000. I used to work for a company called Blue Source, and I worked on the pitch for the identity of Fabric…. But we didn’t get it.

About 6 months later, I went to go see a friend DJ at Scala and I bumped into Keith from Fabric. He told me that he was gutted that he never asked us to do the flyers as he was unhappy with the people they had hired.

I said I would do it BUT on one condition. I wanted it to have nothing to do with club culture. I wanted an open brief… he said I could do whatever I want…


B: So what was your thinking behind the art direction then?
JC: At the time, the club scene was dominated by the whole swanky club and super-star DJ thing which I assumed Fabric would be like… Of course, it wasn’t. That’s why I wanted to do it. It became a way of expressing anything that I was into at the time. I wanted the artwork to become a part of Fabric. Fabric was such a big thing when it launched…

B: Do you see a connection between the music and the design?
Techno was considered a bit of a dirty word at that time and didn’t really have a place on a big stage. They kind of changed that and stuck with it. At the time, I was very into techno. I liked that attitude and I wanted the flyers to have the same attitude and confidence, rather than a flyer having a… I don’t know… a starship landing on a moon or something like that.

Ive always been into the idea of nature and history and I liked the idea of a kid coming out a club and going through a pack of flyers and him opening up a Fabric flyer and seeing a Victorian woman on a bike rather than the usual gear. That image is going to blow his mind more than an image of a girl with a fluffy bra on.


B: Do any of the artworks created stand out for you as your favourites?
JC: I did some black and white self-portraits years ago. I had some drill bits in my teeth and made a hat out of the Financial Times. They had a real 1920s modernist feel to them… I’ve always been fond of those.


B: How much of a part do you think you have played in making Fabric as successful as it is?
I always wind them up and tell the Fabric guys that I put the “Fab” in “Fabric”! (he laughs). I don’t think it is important, Im just glad that the artwork has made as much of an impact as the club has. People talk about the artwork just as much as the music.


Aphex Twin