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The Best E-Mail Headers of the Year….

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However, our favourite thing about each newsletter is the artwork header that we select to lead the e-mail. Sometimes, we pick it according to our favourite album of that week and want to draw this to your attention. Sometimes, we just simple really love a particular artwork. Here is a round-up of our favourite e-mail headers of 2010:



Artwork taken from: Machinedrum – Want to 1 2? / Mailout: 14.11.10



Artwork taken from: Shangaan Electro / Mailout: 24.06.10



Artwork taken from: Girl Unit – IRL EP / Mailout: 29.04.10



Artwork taken from: Bleep Exclusive Kyle Hall / Wild Oats Digital Catalogue
Mailout: 24.05.10



Artwork taken from: Gonasufi x Bleep free-track give-away / Mailout: 04.03.10



Artwork taken from: Bleep Investigates Juke Feature / Mailout: 13.08.10



Artwork taken from: Oneohtrix Point Never – Returnal / Mailout: 03.06.10



Artwork taken from: Limited Offer DFA Label Sampler / Mailout: 20.04.10



Artwork taken from: Lone – Emerald Fantasy Tracks / Mailout: 03.12.10



Artwork taken from: Dylan Ettinger – New Age Outlaws / Mailout: 28.10.10



Artwork taken from: Demdike Stare – Voices of Dust / Mailout: 25.11.12



Artwork taken from: Exclusive Hudson Mohawke Sonar MP3 Give-away / Mailout: 15.06.10



Artwork taken from: Bleep Artist of the Year – OPN / Mailout: 30.11.10



Artwork taken from: Label of the Year – Numbers / Mailout: 01.12.10



Artwork taken from: iTAL tEK – Midnight Colour / Mailout: 10.06.10


Bleep Interviews Agoria


BLEEP: Why did you start InFine?
This is something that we thought about 7 or 8 years ago with my friend Alexandre Cazac. We are sharing the same points of views on music but with different backgrounds. The meeting we made with Francesco Tristano, a young and talented pianist motivate us to do the first step and to start running a label.

B: What do you think of the current state of electronic music today?
That’s a big question… there are so many things to say… The model of the music industry is dead and the new model is still to be invented. It reflects what happens in a world, which is in transformation. We are at a crossroads. Everybody can make music, and everybody releases so many records that nobody can pay attention to it all. It’s time to look for rarity and think twice before releasing a record and most of all about how to release it. I have the feeling that we are back at the time when there was no money in the dance record industry, but with an underground spirit, so the music will definitely be better. The fact that now the artists are not making music with any commercial stress or hopes should help the music to be more audacious and relevant. This period is really exciting between old generation who just want to release music on vinyl, and new generation which is more spontaneous, listening to music everywhere, skipping artists and music really fast.

But in both cases it s becoming really difficult to find a music that could pleases you. On one hand vinyls are in really low quantity, and on the other hand it’s hard to find music with such a huge amount of music offered. Electronic music has been mostly made by DJs, engineers and producers in the past years, so when artists with a classical background will give their own imprint I guess we’re gonna have very good surprises. In the meantime, kids born in a bath of technology will definitely use it differently than I do, so yes I guess the best is yet to come…

B: What is the InFine A&R policy?
Selling more and more… Just joking, there are no A&R policy in fact. We can sign all kind of music if we are into it. No matter what are the rules, no matter what are the trends, no matter if it’s electronic or not. We just want to release music that people should listen everyday all their life long… I expect, people to listen a record of InFiné no matter who the artist is, just trusting our choice!

B: What has been your greatest success?
For my own Agoria records? i guess it’s not out yet! “Inpermanence” on InFiné will be for sure the most downloaded, streamed and shared album !

B: Where will dance music be in 20 years time?
Already hard to say in three years. Would it be connected to holograms? How it will change the music ? All will become dematerialized? We’ll share this new opera all together interacting with the artists? Or maybe a global computer crash will erase all and we ll end up dancing around the fireplace?!

Buddha Machines – shipping today…



The Buddha Machines have arrived today all pre-orders are being shipped today… Get yours HERE.

Bleep wins a UK Design Award


The UK Design Awards pick a new website every month in recognition of their site design. We were pretty pleased when they approached us saying we had won the December award for our lovely Bleep site


Bleep Interviews Horsepower Productions


This week sees the welcome return of Horsepower Productions with their new album Quest For The Sonic Bounty. Unanimously recognized as some of the key figures in creating the signature sound-styles of Dubstep, we decided to speak to Benny Ill about the new album and their production techniques.

BLEEP: Who is the entire Horsepower Productions crew and what does everyone do now? Who features on this album?

BENNY ILL: In alphabetical order:
Benny ill, Clive GT, Jay King, Joe “the culprit”, Mango 1, Matt HP, Merlin, Nassis, Sam W, Simon D

Everyone is actively doing various things including Music Production, DJ’ing, Art projects, Event promotion, and Label Management to name a few..

On the new album we have the combined talents of Benny ill, Jay King, Matt HP, Nassis plus collaborations with Loefah and Orson.

B: So what spurred on you guys to reform and start put out a full length album?
We never split so we didn’t really reform as such. After our second LP was released in 2004 we found it hard to make a living doing that music so we all concentrated on different sides of the music industry, although we continued to write new material for eventual release. Tempa requested a new album back in 2007 and a lot of people, other producers and Dubstep afficionados had been encouraging us to make another LP for a while so we eventually obliged them..

B: How do you feel your music stands in todays dubstep era, as opposed to 10 years ago?
Well it is much better received now, partly due to the popularity of Dubstep music as a whole and partly due to the much more widespread promotion possible now via the internet, which has become much more popular since 2004. From a musical point of view we have not really changed and it seems that our production methods give us a particular style which remains popular today and enables us to provide good variety between the different tracks without totally alienating our audiences.

B: What is your studio set-up and can we see a picture of it?
We currently operate a total of 4 studio facilities, soon to be 5 and all studios are differently equipped. In general we use a combination of analogue and digital equipment, to the best standard we can acheive with the little we have to work with. Software used includes Cubase, ProTools and Live and hardware includes drum machines, samplers, tape units, FX units, various keyboards and synths, live instruments and percussion. Mostly all tracks are mixed on analogue consoles to some extent, although equipment limitations force us to use digital audio in some cases.


Horsepower Production’s new album Quest for the Sonic Bounty is out now. The lead photo is done by Shaun Bloodworth.