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Bleep Interviews Seefeel


BLEEP: You made a welcome return back to recording after 14 years with the release of the Faults EP in September 2010. Can you give us your reasons for such a long hiatus?

Mark Clifford – Seefeel: Originally we just got a little tired and frustrated so we decided to have a break. We did occasional sessions between 1996 and 2000 but I never really felt that anything new was happening so each time it got shelved again. I think its only really interesting to myself and Sarah if we feel we are creating something new and it wasn’t really happening at that time.

B: 14 years is an extremely extensive period for you to have evolved and matured. Can you tell us what you got up to in that time – both professionally and personally? And how has your approach to making music changed because of it?

MC: We’ve both been through ups and downs really which i think has made us better people. We’ve both continued to make music but without really a focus maybe but at the same time those processes have added to our musical outlook so we have a better arsenal now. Also we have grown up because we were quite young before and we didn’t communicate very well and we didn’t deal with stressful situations. we are much more rounded people now.

B: What motivated you to reform and to release new material?

MC:Quique‘ was reissued four years ago so i was forced to listen to it again and also to dig out unreleased recordings and for the first time in a long time I realised that actually we were good. We had something special. So when Sarah and I got together to do some interviews we decided to exchange ideas. It was refreshing because we both had a new outlook. It was also coincidental that it was Warp’s 20th anniversary and we were asked to play their Paris event so we had the motivation also.

B: You’re back with two new band members – Shigeru Ishihara aka DJ Scotch Egg and Boredoms drummer Iida Kazuhisa aka E-da – what can we expect from the new band formation, and how have the two new members individually contributed to the new material both in terms of musical output and concepts?

MC: The most obvious thing was that having new members in the band gave us a completely new dynamic. Old tensions weren’t there anymore. Shige especially brought a new vitality. In the past I had very much had to think about every element of the music whereas now i can start a track with Sarah and very much leave the bass to him and he always has a twist that then makes me think about what i am doing in a different way. Its feed myself up every much.

B: Today is the release of your eagerly awaited self-titled album. Can you tell us what to expect from it, and a little about what went in to the production process behind the new record?

MC: It was a very easy record to make. Its quite a mixed bag really because we started recording very much as we re-started the band and we grew very quickly and are still growing and the album reflects that. So generally the first half of the album are much newer recordings than the second half. The album is us finding our place again, not least Sarah i think who grew in confidence over the recording process. But myself also. It was a mixture of home and studio recording, built songs and improvisations.

B: You’re soon to be embarking on a tour, starting tonight in London on the 31st January and taking in the UK, Europe and Japan. In the past you have voiced your dislike for touring, is this still true? And if not, what has changed?

MC: Touring was not really enjoyable in the past largely due to the technological constraints. we were very much tied to backing tracks and it was very unflexible and stressful because we were at the mercy of machines that really were not very reliable. Obviously technology has moved on greatly since then and we are much more liberated as a live band, much more open to improvisation or deviation and this is something we hope to take advantage of more and more as we develop as a band.

B: What does the future hold for Seefeel?

As happy as we are with this record I do think its a small step for us to better things. we have already written new material which i think surpasses what we have done till now…

Seefeel’s self-titled album is out today on Bleep.

Boxcutter – TV Troubles
(from The Dissolve)

forthcoming on Planet Mu and playing at the Bleep stage at Bloc Festvial 2011.

R.I.P. Trish Keenan

Win tickets to the Warp Films event in France this Friday…


This Friday in Paris sees a special one-off event put together by Warp Films and Warp France. Featuring screenings of All Tomorrow’s Parties, Cinema 16 and classic Warp Music videos. If that wasn’t enough, there is live performances from Plaid, Darkstar and DJ sets from Rustie and Jackson…

Bleep will also be supplying DVDs, merchandise and music to be sold at the event.

More details can be found here.

To win a pair of tickets to the event – e-mail and tell us the name of the recent EP by Rustie, released on Warp Records.

Win tickets to the Kutmah exhibition and after-party in London…


You may of heard of Kutmah… A bona-fide member of the Brainfeeder / Low End Theory / Alpha Pup guys that are spearheading the Los Angeles electronic beat scene.

Justin “Kutmah” McNulty was born in the UK to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. He moved to the US when he was 12-years-old. Without advance warning nor any provoking criminal activity, on 5th May 2010, seven armed federal agents entered his house, handcuffed and detained him. With no calls allowed to family or lawyers, Kutmah was brought to a facility in downtown LA where he was interrogated regarding immigration issues. On 7th May he was flown to a New Mexico prison where he was locked down until his release (almost two months later) on 29th June. Kutmah was deported to the UK where he currently resides, and cannot legally re-enter the United States.

This Wednesday in London (his new home) is an exhibition of drawings he made whilst in Prison… and of course, a very serious after-party that includes the man himself, Dorian Concept, Teebs, and many more…

Details of the event are on the Facebook page here.
Tickets for the after-party are on sale here.

And to win a pair of tickets to the exhibition and after-party simply e-mail and tell us where your home is… that simple.

Bloc Weekend…

Bloc 2011 from Bloc. on Vimeo.