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Recently, we ran a ticket competition for a forthcoming Unknown to the Unknown party in London hosting a performance by Dopplereffekt… We don’t know much about Unknown to the Unknown other than that it is run by producer DJ Haus of Hot City, also known as… errr… Unknown to the Unknown.

We decided to speak to the man himself to see what this is all about.

Bleep: Can you tell us how UTTU came about and the idea behind it?

UTTU: Sure, well it’s influenced by science fiction, squidgy black, Amsterdam and my new drum machine. It’s a multi-faceted (is that a word?) thing. The tracks are intended as snap shots of ideas, whereas Hot City is produced in a studio where I can pump shit out loud, the UTTU is the sound is more of a lo-fi / sci-fi rougher sound
specifically for you tube…

Which leads me on to my youtube channel which is probably the thing that’s most exciting me right now, more than making music or DJing.. I’m posting tunes from various artists whose permission I have such as Dem 2, Surkin, Slackk, Brassica, Ali Renault + many more. You can check the YouTube playlist I made for Bleep here: Just hit play and it plays all the songs continuously, you can also listen on a iphone or smartphone..

Then there’s the soundsystem which I do with my mate mackaveli… we have done club takeovers from Coccon Frankfurt , Geneva to Ibiza and our first London show is coming up on the 3rd June with Dopplereffekt+ many more. You can buy tickets for that here.

UTTU Bleep playlist:


B: The first release was a collaborative effort between you and Drexciya DJ, Stingray. Can you tell us how this happened and how you go about making the tracks?

UTTU:It wasn’t really a collaboration, I’d booked him to play in London but he had to pull out, so he ended up doing a remix for the first EP, and that has led to us meeting up in London at the UTTU Boiler Room show.

Then we ended up collaborating on a couple of tracks which I’m currently finishing off, they’ll be coming out in the summer I hope. Writing at 150 bpm is fucking tricky for me so it was good fun and I got pretty high.. the whole thing was pretty surreal actually…

B: We’ve heard a rumour that there’ll be a release from cult Chicago-based producer. Marcus Mixx. Please tell us more!

UTTU: One of Marcus’s best friends Vern English AKA Alias G, who has released some hip hop albums on TRAX back in the 80s laid down some hot vocals on the last UTTU release ‘Mystery Dragon’…

It was never the plan to release other people’s music, but when you have the opportunity to release songs about cheese and oral sex from a drunk Chicago house legend that‘s pretty hard to pass on…

B: Have else do you plan to collaborate with / release music from in the future?

UTTU: I have what I think has the potential to be a really big record from Capracara called Silvia Solar, backed with a Hot City remix dropping in June + an EP from Dubbel Dutch and more DJ Haus & UTTU tracks.. Me and Ali Renault have started some bits, just trying to find enough time to fit it all in..

Apart from that the new Hot City ‘Soundz Of Da Clubb’ EP is something I’m really proud of, first and foremost the majority of music I listen to is UKG & House music… I’ve been listening to Detroit techno & electro for yonks but only recently have I started to really obsessed with it all on the level that I am with UKG.. I love how you can suddenly become obsessed with something that’s been around you for ages but never fully grabbed you before..… that’s really what UTTU is about I guess….

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Unknown to the Unknown”

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