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Bleep Interviews Five Easy Pieces


We are always on the look-out for brand new labels and one of recent has definitely grabbed our eye. Only 2 releases deep, we caught up with Claudio Lillo – one-half of the brilliant new London-based label named Five Easy Pieces.

Bleep: Tell us a little bit about the background of Five Easy Pieces (how it came about etc.) and where did you get that name from? The Jack Nicholson / Karen Black classic?
Claudio Lillo: Five Easy Pieces was originally founded as a club night a few years ago when Tom and I were still programming Cargo. We were booking a few successful inhouse parties there and thought that we might as well start up our own “brand” that we would be able to export to festivals and other cities around the UK and Europe. We did a few really big parties at Cargo and some cool small ones at other venues around London but then the venue was sold to a rude, ignorant miscreant so we stopped it. Tom went to work for Modular and I stayed at Cargo for a while, but left to do bookings for The City Arts & Music Project. Once we settled into our new jobs we thought it would be cool to resurrect it, but as a label.

The name is taken from that film… so yeah, we aren’t that original! Basically, both Tom and I are crap at coming up with names – we both like films a lot, especially New-Hollywood and French New Wave, and that name kind of stuck after we threw around a bunch of other titles.

B: What’s up next for the label?
CL: Our second release is out this week, which I’m really happy about. Its a trippy, drugged out house record that one of my good friends made. I’ve been really lucky to work with friends on both releases. I’m looking to do a label party in a few months too. Otherwise, digging for other acts to sign and trying to spread the word.

Call Super – Staircase EP (preview) by Five Easy Pieces

B: Which other artists do you think that you’re going to be working with in the near future?
CL: Yesterday we confirmed a remix from someone we massively respect for the next Royalty record, which I’m really excited about. That is coming out in October. I don’t really want to say who because I’d like it to be a surprise. Don’t mean to sound boring but I’d also like to keep other potential collabs close to my chest.

B: Tell us who you’re really into at the moment and why?
CL: I’ve been rinsing quite a few LPs lately… Tune-Yards, SBTRKT, Mo Kolours, Samiyam, Little Dragon and Machinedrum have all put out amazing records recently. They are all special – and all really different. I always laugh when people talk about new music being horrible or say that everything was so much better in the “good old days”. I find the current musical climate very exciting.