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Bleep Interviews Lex Records


This week, we are celebrating the 10th birthday of Lex Records… We have even put together an exclusive 50 track bundle of the best tracks of Lex. If you need a little background on the label, have a look at our quick Q&A with Lex below….

Bleep: If you were describing yourselves to someone that knew nothing about Lex Records, what would you say?

Lex Records: 10 year old independent music company based in London and NYC, distributed worldwide. Quality over quantity, focused on artists rather than genres…

B: What have been the highest points of running Lex Records these last 10 years?

LR: Packed out Lex shows in London back in 2003, Danger Mouse splicing Jay-Z with Beatles to create The Grey album in 2004, working with many of our favourite musicians worldwide. Lex 5th anniversary party with Ghostface Killah (who is back in the house with DOOM for our 10th anniversary on Saturday November 5th at the Roundhouse), various festival missions including Coachella and Fondation Vasarely with Boom Bip… it’s been an interesting decade.

B: What has been the lowest point of running Lex Records these last 10 years?
LR: Dodgy distributors, warehouse fires, late artwork, the eternal battle between flagrant rappers and federal agents, the death of John Peel, the turning point when various people began making decisions based on quantity of MySpace plays / Facebook Likes rather than just using their ears.

B: What do you have planned for 2012?
LR: We’ll be moving into film, online content, books and art projects with new projects from most of our core roster of artists including Alan Moore (of Watchmen / V for Vendetta fame), DOOM, Doseone, Jneiro Jarel and Boom Bip… hopefully something Neon Neon shaped too.

B: Where do you see Lex in 10 years time?
LR: Operating from a burning spaceship on the shoulder of Orion with a three-boobed Martian lady on each arm feeding me duck pancakes and char sui buns, Intergalactic FM on the stereo, Pimms in the crunk cup, experiencing Alan Moore’s new film in 4-D hologram format directly piped into my brain… Like tears in rain.

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