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Bleep Interviews oOoOO


This week sees the highly anticipated return of oOoOO on Tri Angle Records, with a brand new EP, ‘Our Loving Is Hurting Us‘. We decided to ask him a few questions about it all…

Bleep: You’ve got a really coherent visual aesthetic, would you like to extend it further and across more aspects of your work?
oOoOO: Is that a nice way of saying I don’t have a coherent sonic aesthetic? Actually, I think the new EP and everything I am working on now is much more coherent than what I’ve done before. Before I was trying to put a million influences into my songs, but hadn’t figured a way to fit them in efficiently. On the older songs, its obvious I’m experimenting with how to combine them into something that’s distinctly my own. So you get songs like Mumbai and Hearts on the same release even though they are very different. But I think there is more of a distinct oOoOO sound now.

B: Tri Angle has a strong sonic identity which almost feel like an artists’ collective. What type of relationship do you have with the other acts signed by the label ? Do you guys hang out?
O: I’ve played and hung out with a lot of the people on TriAngle and really like everyone I’ve met. I’d probably hang with any of them more often if the nearest ones didn’t live thousands of miles away.

B: You’ve worked on remixing Lindsay Lohan, any other popular culture figure’s sound you’d like to add your touch to?
O: Yeah, any major pop stars that wanna work with me in any capacity, even if its just hanging out should get in touch. I am ready for whatever.

B: This one is more of a request…I’ve heard you like Jana Hunter (We’re fans too), is there a possibility of a remix or a collaboration with Lower Dens in the future?
O: Maybe yeah. That could be interesting.

B: Do you see recording equipment  and the studio environment as a source of inspiration or rather as tools that allows you to realise your musical concepts?
O: Most of my studio equipment is virtual so its hard to fetishize it the way analog musicians do with like old synths and amps. But the tools themselves are inspiring to an extent, yeah. I write and record at the same time, like probably a lot or even most people making electronic music, so messing around with the plug ins becomes part of the process. Learning new plug ins can be inspiring.

B: What is next in the pipeline for oOoOO?
O: I’m working on a lot of new material at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be ready to put out an LP later this year.